3D Scanning

At our disposal we have unique technical aids. We have assembled an optical rig consisting of 70 DSLR cameras, which allows us to obtain 3D scans of body, face or clothing of exceptional quality, with textures up to 10K. The scanning process takes seconds, providing an opportunity to capture facial expressions, work with small children or any other moving objects.

Our 3D scanning technology makes it possible to create high quality character models, meeting all modern standards, in a very short time.

Texture 450x450

Our team of CG industry veterans will be working on final game content based on 3D scan data, in accordance with your technical requirements.


We collaborate with motion picture studios and model agencies and in case of need we can help you with model casting. Also we work with companies providing props for filming, that allows us to carry out the selection of costumes and other accessories for 3D scanning (for instance – historically accurate uniform).


3D scanning can boost your art to the next level of quality that will comply with all modern standards of CG industry.

Work examples.

*Costs are calculated individually for each project. You can send us a description of the task, that faces you, on Contact@digitalforms.ru and our managers will contact you with a detailed assessment.